Sunday 27 December 2009

Christmas is over.............back to crafting (with a bit of luck)!!

I say "with a bit of luck" because my husband always insists we have a break between Christmas and New Year. He doesn't seem to grasp the fact that I NEVER need a break from the shop - that is where all my toys are, and where I love to play! I did, however, bring some of my toys home with me (ProMarkers and cute stamps, etc.) this year, so all is not lost. All I need to do now is manage to stay home for at least long enough to do SOME crafting...................not an easy task with a husband who just loves to go out, and to go shopping!
Anyway, back to the task in hand. I have done this card for the Crafty Cardmakers challenge, which this time is a sketch. As I was doing it at home I decided to get my trusty best friend, Polly Pazzles, to die-cut my shapes for me. Just added to the challenge, as I had to get the shapes into the Pazzles program before I could cut them.
Choosing the cardstock was also a challenge, as I don't have as much choice at home. However, my husband had bought me some nice pearlescent card in a pack he found in the "chucky-outies" at W. H. Smith's. It was a pack with 3 blue, 3 pink, 2 silver and 2 white A4 sheets, and it was 99p! The white embossed butterfly card is some I have had in for some time and not found a use for until now.
The next problem I had was what to use for an image. The smallest circle was a little small for most of the stamps I had brought home, so I used a digi stamp I had got from The Greetings Farm (her name is Lily), and down-sized her to fit the circle. Not sure if she is a little small for the size of the card, but what the heck, she will have to do! I coloured her with ProMarkers of course - not quite as neat as usual, the greys bled a bit, obviously different cardstock.


  1. lovely card hun, had a bit of trouble getting here, but got here in the end lol - love the image she is so pretty, thank you for joining us at crafty cardmakers xx

  2. You're lucky.... haven't seen my promarkers since before Christmas.. I'm still changing beds,washing,ironing etc just about to attack the study !!!!! I thought going away for Christmas I'd have nothing to do HA what a laugh..

  3. Fab stamp Sue, she's gorgeous and your colouring is superb! Thanks for joining us at crafty cardmakers x