Sunday 17 October 2010

About time I posted again!!

I have been really lax lately blogwise! I haven't done any challenges (never seem to get organised before the deadlines!), and haven't even posted up my swap group pictures! I will try and do that in the week.
However, I just had to come on and post a picture of my great-niece, who I met for the first time today. She lives in Zurich (with her Mum and Dad!), and they came home for the weekend. They decided that the best way for her to meet everyone was to have a "Meet the Baby" party in Altrincham. It was a lovely day, if a little noisy (got a sore throat from talking over the noise!), and she is gorgeous.
This is a picture of her with her great-grandmother (my Mum) - both ends of the generation scale! It isn't the best picture I have ever taken photo-wise, but can't fault the subject matter!