Tuesday 25 August 2009

August swap - "Summertime"

This latest swap comes to an end at the end of this week. Watch this space for the piccies...........................

I have delayed doing the swap, as I am waiting on a couple of late entries.

I have, however, started the scanning and will be posting them pretty soon.

July swap - "It's a Man Thing"

With last month's swap being so frantic, I decided to limit the number of ATCs to a maximum of 5 per person in future. This worked well, the swap went so much easier. As you can see we got some very interesting results.

Our June swap - "Things with Wings"

This proved to be a very popular swap, some even sent in 10 ATCs! This one got a bit frantic, what with the volume of ATCs, and the fact that Vix's got "lost" in the post. I allowed an extra 2 weeks before actually sending out the swaps in the hope that hers would turn up. I gave up and posted them out on the Thursday evening, and - you guessed it - Friday morning, there they were!!

Swap for September - Song Titles

The ATC swap for September is going to be "Song Titles". This may seem a little daunting to some, but is easier than you think.
I have done a couple of these in the past, and I struggled at first, but once I really thought about it, ideas just seemed to appear.
I shouldn't do this, as it means I can't use these again this time, but here are "some I prepared earlier".
Just in case it is not immediately obvious, they are (in order) - Ferry 'cross the Mersey, Wooden Heart, Kiss from a Rose, Rock around the Clock, Love is like a Violin, Paper Roses. Some of the swaps I got back were amazing!
By the way, the last 3 were actually made from cut up CDs!

Sunday 23 August 2009

I did it!

Well, I managed to figure out the uploading of photos, although the layout leaves a lot to be desired, so in theory there is no holding me now. The pictures of the other swaps are on my shop computer, so I will try and post those on Tuesday when I am back there (Monday is theoretically a day of rest, except for class in the evening).

My Favourite Colour swap

Well, this is all very new to me, never done a blog before. I think I should start by telling you a bit about my shop. It is situated overlooking the canal basin in Ellesmere Port, where we have a pair of swans, about 20 ducks and occasionally a heron and three cormorants. From my windows I can see the ships passing on the Manchester Ship Canal, planes that have just taken off from John Lennon Airport, and barges which visit the basin and sometimes moor up for a few days.
The shop started life in 1991 as a machine knitting shop called "Dropped Stitches" (name was my husband Mac's suggestion), but a few years ago it was apparent that machine knitting was dying, so I decided to change. I now sell cardmaking and papercraft supplies, but really it is an excuse for me to sit and play all day at my favourite hobby!
I got into ATCs a few years ago, and love them. A few months ago I was persuaded to take over a monthly swap on Facebook because the organiser had sort of disappeared. I was a bit nervous, but now I love doing it.
I have started my own Facebook group for swapping called ATC Swap UK. We have now done 3 swaps, and are on our 4th.
The first one was called "My Favourite Colour" and we got some very varied ATCs. I will try and figure out how to post pictures. Watch this space...................