Saturday 31 October 2009

Anyone for Anya Challenge - Sketch 3

Phew!!  I thought I wasn't going to make it this week either, after missing it last week.  I got my card done earlier today, so far so good.  Put it in the scanner, and inadvertantly put some things on top of the scanner which weighed the lid down, and of course, the silicone glue wasn't set so it squeezed out a bit onto the scanner glass!  Sorted that, of course Anya is now sitting closer to the card than she was.  Then I came to do this post and I couldn't get into my blog.................tried for ages, no good.  So I shut down the computer completely, had my lunch, switched back on again and all is well.

Here is my card...........

This is for the Anyone for Anya challenge this week, which is the following sketch -

Here's hoping with everything crossed!!!

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